Autumn Update: September and October 2020

Posted on November 03, 2020 by Alison Fox

Last week was Open Access Week, a week long celebration of all things open access- including UCL Press books. As part of it, we ran a webinar exploring the experiences of two of our authors: Prof Bob Sheil, and Prof Eleanor Robson. Watch it here.

September and October were also busy months for new books- scroll down to read more on what we've published, and how to read it!

Published in September and October

Biosocial Worlds
Anthropology of Health Environments Beyond Determinism
Edited by Jens Seeberg, Andreas Roepstorff and Lotte Meinert
Biosocial Worlds presents state-of-the-art contributions to anthropological reflections on the porous boundaries between human and non-human life – biosocial worlds. Based on changing understandings of biology and the social, it explores what it means to be human in these worlds. Read free

The Intimate Life of Dissent
Anthropological Perspectives
Harini Amarasuriya, Tobias Kelly, Sidharthan Maunaguru, Galina Oustinova-Stjepanovic and Jonathan Spencer
The Intimate Life of Dissent examines the meanings and implications of public acts of dissent, drawing on examples including Sri Lankan leftists, Soviet dissidents, Tibetan exiles, Kurdish prisoners, British pacifists, Indonesian student activists, and Jewish peace activists. Read free

Ableism in Academia
Theorising Experiences of Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses in Higher Education

Edited by Nicole Brown and Jennifer Leigh
Ableism in Academia provides an interdisciplinary outlook on the subject of ableism by theorising and conceptualising what it means to be outside the stereotypical norm as a worker in higher education. Read free

Developing a Sense of Place
The Role of the Arts in Regenerating Communities

Edited by Tamara Ashley and Alexis Weedon
Developing a Sense of Place brings together a series of international case studies and success stories – each drawn from a specific geographical or socio-cultural context – to investigate the role of the arts in building communities. Read free

Dwelling on the Future
Architecture of the Seaside, Middle England and the Metropolis

Pierre d'Avoine
Dwelling on the Future focuses on the design of dwellings and their varied environments, and questions how an architect responds to the challenge of providing humane places in which to live for a growing, multifarious population in an increasingly divided world. Is it possible to imagine and implement a world in which a level of comfort and stability is available for even the poorest members of societies? Read freee

Rethinking the Andes–Amazonia Divide
A Cross-disciplinary Exploration

Adrian J. Pearce, David G. Beresford-Jones and Paul Heggarty
Rethinking the Andes-Amazonia Divide brings together archaeologists, linguists, geneticists, anthropologists, ethnohistorians and historians to explore the meeting of the Andes and Amazonia, from deepest prehistory up to the European colonial period. Read free

The Poetry of John Tyndall
Edited by Roland Jackson, Nicola Jackson and Daniel Brown
The Poetry of John Tyndall contains the 76 extant poems of leading scientist and philosopher, John Tyndall c.1822–1893). The poems are complemented by an extended introduction that addresses the relationship between science and poetry. Read free

 Happy reading!

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