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Posted on December 20, 2021 by Alison Fox

December...oh December. The month that's traditionally full of merriness and cheer, but instead brought us another COVID variant. Just as well we published a a brand new title in December (covered by The Observer no less!)that will keep you occupied over the festive season...

The Neoliberal Age? Britain since the 1970s was covered by Nick Cohen in The Observer within days of its release, and makes the case that the standard story of neoliberalism is too simplistic. 

Where the standard story sees neoliberalism as right-wing, this book points to some left-wing origins, too; where the standard story emphasises the agency of think-tanks and politicians, The Neoliberal Age? Britain since the 1970sshows that other actors from the business world were also highly significant. Where the standard story can suggest that neoliberalism transformed subjectivities and social lives, this book illuminates other forces which helped make Britain more individualistic in the late twentieth century.

Whatever your take on, we can only agree on with Nick on this one:

'a new collection of essays by modern historians suggests that supposed insiders may not understand what neoliberalism means either. The Neoliberal Age? Britain since the 1970s is well worth reading and not only because the generous publishers allow you to download it free.'

As always, stay safe!

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