February 2021 publications

Posted on February 24, 2021 by Alison Fox

The days are starting to get longer, there's some light at the end of the tunnel with new vaccines, and we published three more beautiful open access books in February! Georgette Heyer: An Un-Conference (held on 25th February, and featuring a whole host of superstar Heyer fans including the excellent Stephen Fry!) is likely to remain a highlight for some time. 

Here's what we published in February:

New Books

Georgette Heyer, History, and Historical Fiction
Edited by Samantha J. Rayner and Kim Wilkins
Georgette Heyer, History, and Historical Fiction brings together an eclectic range of chapters from scholars all over the world to explore the contexts of Heyer’s career. Divided into four parts – gender; genre; sources; and circulation and reception – the volume draws on scholarship on Heyer and her contemporaries to show how her work sits in a chain of influence, and why it remains pertinent to current conversations on books and publishing in the twenty-first century.Download open access PDF


Geographic Citizen Science Design
No one left behind
Edited by Artemis Skarlatidou and Muki Haklay

Geographic Citizen Science Design provides a theoretical and methodological approach to evaluating citizen-science projects and their applications. Download open access PDF

Encountering Pain
Hearing, seeing, speaking
Edited by Deborah Padfield and Joanna M. Zakrzewska

Encountering Pain offers leading research into the potential value of visual images and non-verbal forms of communication as means of improving clinician-patient interaction and the accuracy of pain diagnosis. Download open access PDF

Stay safe, and, as always, happy reading!

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