February 2022 Open Access Books

Posted on March 01, 2022 by Alison Fox

Ah, February! The month of where the world stops to celebrate and appreciate love. Our true love, of course, is open access, but we hope that you'll find something new to love amongst the six new open access books we published this month! February's publications included not one, but two translations of The Global Smartphone a companion volume to the highly successful anthology Arcticness, and a groundbreaking volume on interpreting art.

February 2022 open access books

O Smartphone Global: Uma tecnologia para além dos jovens
Miller et al
A Portuguese translation of The Global Smartphone.
Download free PDF

Le Smartphone Global: Au-delà d’une culture jeune
A French translation of The Global Smartphone
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Panopticon versus New South Wales and other writings on Australia
Tim Causer and Philip Schofield
Featuring a wealth of previously unpublished correspondence, Panopticon versus New South Wales and other writings on Australia details Bentham's opposition to the New South Wales penal colony in favour of his panopticon penitentiary scheme and the establishment of a colony of free settlers in southern Australia. Download free PDF

Material Culture and Forced Migration
Materializing the transient
Edited by Friedemann Yi-Neumann, Andrea Lauser, Antonie Fuhse, and Peter J. Bräunlein
Material Culture and (Forced) Migration studies a broad range of movements in the context of materiality, from the study of forced migration and displacement to the analysis of retirement migration. Download free PDF
Sam Rose
Interpreting Art reveals subtle features of art writing that are central to the often unnoticed interpretative practices through which we understand works of art, highlighting the norms, premises and patterns that guide interpretation along the way. Download free PDF.

Inspirations and imaginaries
Edited by Ilan Kelman
Antarcticness joins disciplines, communication approaches and ideas to explore meanings and depictions of Antarctica.
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 Stay safe, and, as always, happy reading!

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