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Posted on April 30, 2021 by Alison Fox

Easter has come and gone, and Spring has finally sprung! UCL Press published five wonderful new open access books in April, covering everything from the technology behind Renaissance entertainments (we highly recommend this one!) to boredom, museums collections to female archaeologists.

Take a look- they're all free to download as always!

Renaissance Fun
Philip Steadman
Renaissance Fun explores the technology of Renaissance entertainments in stage machinery and theatrical special effects; in gardens and fountains; and in the automata and self-playing musical instruments that were installed in garden grottoes. Download free PDF.

Olga Tufnell’s 'Perfect Journey'
Edited by John D.M. Green and Ros Henry
Letters and photographs of an archaeologist in the Levant and Mediterranean
Olga Tufnell (1905–85) was a British archaeologist working in Egypt, Cyprus and Palestine in the 1920s and 1930s, a period often described as a golden age of archaeological discovery. For the first time, this book presents Olga’s account of her experiences in her own words. Based largely on letters home, the text is accompanied by dozens of photographs that shed light on personal experiences of travel and dig life at this extraordinary time. Download free PDF.

On Boredom
Essays in Art and Writing
Edited by Rye Dag Holmboe and Susan Morris
On Boredom explores the concept of boredom in the modern age through a range of artwork and essays. Download free PDF.

Mobile Museums
Collections in Circulation
Edited by Felix Driver, Mark Nesbitt, and Caroline Cornish
Mobile Museums presents an argument for the importance of circulation in the study of museum collections, past and present. Download free PDF

Decolonizing Science in Latin American Art
Joanna Page
Decolonizing Science in Latin American Art explores art-science projects by Latin American artists, ranging from big-budget collaborations with NASA and MIT to homegrown experiments in artists’ kitchens. Download open access PDF.

Stay safe, and, as always, happy reading!

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