Architecture_MPS journal joins UCL Press

Posted on October 25, 2015 by UCL Press

Starting in October 2015 the Architecture_MPS journal will be published in conjunction with UCL Press.

As the publisher of one of the world’s leading educational institutions, UCL Press brings the opportunity for the journal to reach new audiences and further underline the importance of the issues it seeks to raise internationally.

This agreement allows Architecture_MPS to remain an open access journal which publishes on a monthly basis during the academic calendar. All abstracts will remain on the current website, with full papers available through UCL Press.

This agreement is with the journal, allowing the associated research group AMPS to continue using their current website as their home. As a non-profit organisation AMPS is focused on the promotion of a socially responsible approach to the development of the built environment and, in line this this, supports the free dissemination of information. 

AMPS' commitment to the scholarly communication process through research support and open access remains unchanged and we are pleased this agreement coincides with Open Access Week.

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London Journal of Canadian Studies Joins UCL Press

Posted on October 11, 2015 by UCL Press

UCL Press is delighted to announce the publication of volume 30 of the London Journal of Canadian Studies- the first issue to be published by UCL Press.

Founded in 1984, the London Journal of Canadian Studies is an annual peer-reviewed journal that aims to reflect the diverse interests of Canadianists. Many leading UK Canadianists based at the University of London and UCL have been associated with it during its 30-year history. 

Each volume of the LJCS is officially published in November (although articles may appear on-line before then). Volumes of the LJCS are all themed issues, with each volume consisting of at least five refereed articles addressing a topic of interest to Canadians, Canadianists and anyone with a general interest in Canada.

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UCL Press Join Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers

Posted on September 14, 2015 by UCL Press

We are delighted to announce that UCL Press has joined the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers. Formed in 1972 with 24 society members, the ALPSP has more than 315 members in 39 countries and is the largest international trade association for scholarly and professional publishers.

ALPSP plays an active and central role in shaping the future of academic and professional communication, promoting 'Scholarship-Friendly Publishing'. They aim to serve, represent and strengthen the community of scholarly publishers, and those who work with them.

For more information, visit

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