UCL Press appoints Scientific Knowledge Services to promote its publishing services and consultancy in Europe

Posted on April 16, 2018 by UCL Press

UCL Press today announced new agreement with Scientific Knowledge Services (SKS) who will promote UCL Press’s publishing services, publishing consultancy and open access book publishing in Europe. 

By offering publishing consultancy and publishing services to other institutions, UCL Press aims to help others set up their own open access university press. It has already provided consultancy to UTS (University Technology Sydney), Helsinki University Press and TU Delft. 

SKS will help UCL Press to develop these services by promoting them more widely to universities across Europe. 

“UCL Press is delighted to be working with Scientific Knowledge Services on this important area of Open Science. New scholarly publishing models can transform the way that research and educational outputs are made available and the impact they have. UCL Press has new publishing models and services which can be shared with other universities across Europe. We are pleased to have formed a partnership with SKS to enable this to happen”, says Dr. Paul Ayris, Pro-ViceProvost, UCL Library Services, and CEO of UCL Press. 

Scientific Knowledge Services (SKS) is a Swiss company backed up by 20 years of experience in working with academic, public and research libraries, focusing on Open Science elements like Open Access (OA), Research Data Management (RDM) and Citizen Science, as well as licenses for online electronic resources. 

The Managing Director of SKS, Dr. Tiberius Ignat says: “At SKS, we see this partnership equally as a great challenge and as an opportunity to re-affirm our support to a more open scientific environment. We believe that Open Science is a way of performing scientific advancement in which collaboration becomes a central element, as much as competition is. Promoting the services that are offered by UCL Press is a responsibility to which we dedicate a great part of our efforts. These novel services will greatly contribute to a very practical side of Open Access.” 

About UCL Press 

UCL Press launched in June 2015 as the UK’s first fully open access university press. Since then, it has gone on to publish over 60 books which have been downloaded over 800,000 times around the world. It publishes scholarly monographs, edited collections, textbooks and journals. Since late 2017, it has been offering consultancy and publishing services.

About SKS

Scientific Knowledge Services ( is a Swiss registered company that has an extensive experience in working close with libraries and content providers to facilitate access to scientific knowledge. SKS has a well-established practice in finding the right place where interests of libraries, universities, research organizations and content providers meet and in proposing winning solutions for all parties. Scientific Knowledge Services routes its efforts in understanding each market, by connecting and dedicating time to local communities, assisting the content providers to better serve the specific information needs of each country and supporting the advancement of Open Science elements.  

For media enquiries: 

Lara Speicher, Publishing Manager, UCL Press 

For business development enquiries:

Tiberius Ignat 

Lara Speicher

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