Welcoming Archaeology International to UCL Press

Posted on January 14, 2021 by Alison Fox

UCL Press is delighted to announce the UCL Institute of Archaeology journal Archaeology International is the latest addition to its journals portfolio. 

As Sue HamiltonDirector, UCL Institute of Archaeology, indicates:

"Archaeology International showcases the exceptional research, teaching and public engagement activities at the UCL Institute of Archaeology. We are proud of our global reach and the cutting-edge output that is generated by our three Sections: World Archaeology; the Archaeological Sciences; and Heritage Studies. Associated with ‘London’s Global University’, UCL Press is an apt, prestigious publisher for Archaeology International and we are really excited to have the opportunity of yet further developing Archaeology International as part of this partnership”.

The latest volume of Archaeology International showcases the expansive range of research and activities of the staff of the UCL Institute of Archaeology.

“Research articles cover whole Late Antiquity landscapes in Iberia, examination of archaeobotanical remains from East and South East Asia, reappraisal of horse remains from first millennium BC Sudan, and archaeological evaluation of drug paraphernalia from 21st century Oxford. In addition, through news reports, event book summaries, alumni reflections, obituaries and event reviews the volume captures not just a challenging year, but also the dedication of the staff of the Institute of Archaeology, past and present”, says Alice Stevenson, UCL Institute of Archaeology and Editor of Archaeology International.

Ian Caswell, Journals Manager at UCL Press, adds: “We are delighted to publish Archaeology International on behalf of the UCL Institute of Archaeology and look forward to building upon the successes of the journal and UCL Press”.

The journal, produced annually since 1997, combines news about Institute activities with reports on research, both on new and on-going projects, carried out by members of staff. You can read more about the journal as well as freely read the latest issue and the entire back issues online here.

UCL Press, the UK’s first fully open access university press, publishes 15 open access journals and has published nearly 180 open access books in a wide range of subjects, which have received close to 4 million downloads by readers across the world.

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