The UCL Institute of Education

From training college to global institution

Richard Aldrich and Tom Woodin


ISBN: 9781787359529

Publication: June 08, 2021

The history of the UCL Institute of Education is one of persistent renewal. Since its founding in 1902 as the London Day Training College, through its establishment as a university institute and merger with UCL, the IOE has constantly grown into new areas of learning and social research. As a locus for leadership, it has exerted influence upon the nature and direction of education nationally and internationally.

Drawing upon a wide range of sources, the connections between internal history and external historical developments are sensitively teased out. The result is an elegantly written history, characterised by substantial scholarship and analysis, and enlivened by illustrations and anecdote. The pages of this book are peopled with some of the most influential, and at times controversial, figures of education, including Sidney Webb, Cyril Burt, Susan Isaacs, Sophie Bryant, Richard Peters, Basil Bernstein, Ann Oakley, Celia Hoyles and Stephen Ball.

Two new chapters extend Richard Aldrich’s text to 2020. These examine the extraordinary years of growth in the early 2000s, followed by a period of consolidation, merger with UCL and subsequent expansion. The IOE is unique in successfully pursuing a world-leading research agenda while also supporting a wide range of teacher education, having an impact in London, across Britain and the world.

Richard Aldrich (1937-2014) was a distinguished scholar and Professor of History of Education who worked at the Institute of Education for 30 years. Tom Woodin is a Reader in the Social History of Education at the UCL Institute of Education.

Acknowledgements (1st edition)

Acknowledgements for the 2nd edition

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1.  Foundation

2.  From Clare Market to Southampton Row 1902-1907

3.  A clash of cultures 1907-1922

4.  From Day Training College to University Institute 1922-1932

5.  New directions 1932-1939

6.  War and reconstruction 1939-1949

7.  New identities 1949-1963

8.  Expansion and stalemate 1963-1973

9.  The turbulent years 1973-1983

10. Survival of the fittest 1983-1994

11. Into a new century 1994-2002

12. The Institute on a world stage 2002-2014

13. Merger and after 2014-2020



Illustrations: Sources and acknowledgements


Format: Paperback

Edition: 2nd edition

Size: 246 × 189 mm

370 Pages

B&W illustrations, B&W line drawings, and B&W photo/halftones

Copyright: © 2021

ISBN: 9781787359529

Publication: June 08, 2021

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