Towards a Global Core Value System in Doctoral Education

Maresi Nerad, David Bogle, Ulrike Kohl, Conor O’Carroll, Christian Peters, and Beate Scholz

ISBN: 9781800080188

Publication: September 27, 2022

What is this?

Recent decades have seen an explosion in doctoral education worldwide. Increased potential for diverse employment has generated greater interest, with cultural, political and environmental tensions focusing the attention of new creative, responsible scholars.

Towards a Global Core Value System in Doctoral Education provides an evaluation of changes and reforms in doctoral education since 2000. Recognising the diversity of academic cultures and institutional systems worldwide, the book advocates for a core value system to overcome inequalities in access to doctoral education and the provision of knowledge. Building on in-depth perspectives of scholars and young researchers from more than 25 countries, the chapters focus on the structures and quality assurance models of doctoral education, supervision, and funding from an institutional and comparative perspective. The book examines capacity building in the era of globalisation, global labour market developments for doctoral graduates, and explores the ethical challenges and political contestations that may manifest in the process of pursuing a PhD.

Experts and early career researchers in the Global North and South collaborated in interdisciplinary and intergenerational teams to develop guidelines for doctoral education. They learned from each other about how to act courageously within a complex global context. The resulting recommendations and reflections are an invitation to reflect on the frames and conditions of doctoral education today.

Maresi Nerad is the Founding Director of the Center for Innovation and Research in Graduate Education (CIRGE), and Professor Emeritus for Higher Education at the University of Washington in Seattle.

David Bogle is Pro-Vice-Provost of The Doctoral School (Graduate Dean) at University College London (UCL).

Ulrike Kohl is Director of ErwuesseBildung Luxembourg, a non-profit association in the domain of personal and professional development and training.

Conor O’Carroll is an Independent Consultant on Higher Education and Research Policy at SciPol, Ireland.  

Christian Peters is a political scientist and Managing Director of the Bremen International Graduate School of Social Science.  

Beate Scholz is founder and director of Scholz CTC GmbH, an independent service for higher education institutions.

Lists of figures and tables
List of contributors
Comparative international terminology

Prologue: The thinking doctorate and the factory model of production: Cautionary tales from the South
Jonathan D. Jansen and Cyrill A. Walters


1 The doctoral education context in the 21st century: Change at every level
Barbara Grant, Maresi Nerad, Corina Balaban, Rosemary Deem, Martin Grund, Chaya Herman, Aleksandra Kanjuo Mrčela, Susan Porter, Janet Rutledge and Richard Strugnell

2 Guiding principles
Maresi Nerad, David Bogle, Ulrike Kohl, Conor O’Carroll, Christian Peters and Beate Scholz

3 The Hannover Recommendations


4 On quality assurance in doctoral education
Maresi Nerad, Janet Rutledge, Richard Strugnell, Hongji Chen, Martin Grund and Aleksandra Kanjuo Mrčela

5 Supervision in context around the world
Ronel Steyn, Liezel Frick, Reinhard Jahn, Ulrike Kohl, William M. Mahoney, Maresi Nerad and Aya Yoshida

6 Funding of doctoral education and research
Marc Torka, Ulrike Kohl and William M. Mahoney, Jr

7 Capacity building through mobility and its challenges
Devasmita Chakraverty, Maude Lévesque, Jing QI, Charity Meki Kombe and Conor O’Carroll

8 Global labour market developments
David Bogle, Igor Chirikov, Miguel S. Gonzales-Canche, Annamaria Silvana de Rosa, Nancy L. Garcia, Stefaan Hermans, Joyce Main and Suzanne Ortega

9 Social, ethical and cultural responsibility as core values for doctoral researchers in the 21st century
Roxana Chiappa, Daniele Cantini, Yasemin Karakaşoğlu, Catherine Manathunga, Christian Peters, Beate Scholz and Betül Yarar


10 Reflections from early career researchers on the past, present and future of doctoral education
Shannon Mason, Maude Levesque, Charity Meki-Kombe, Sophie Abel, Corina Balaban, Roxana Chiappa, Martin Grund, Biandri Joubert, Gulfiya Kuchumova, Lilia Mantai, Joyce Main, Puleng Motshoane, Jing Qi, Ronel Steyn and Gaoming Zheng

11 Ways forward
David Bogle, Ulrike Kohl, Maresi Nerad, Conor O’Carroll, Christian Peters and Beate Scholz


Format: Open Access PDF

288 Pages

B&W line drawings

Copyright: © 2022

ISBN: 9781800080188

Publication: September 27, 2022

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