Picturing the Invisible

Exploring interdisciplinary synergies from the arts and the sciences

Edited by Paul Coldwell and Ruth M. Morgan

ISBN: 9781800081031

Publication: January 17, 2022

What is this?
Picturing the Invisible presents different disciplinary approaches to articulating the invisible, that which is not known or that which is not provable. The challenge that we have seen is how to articulate these concepts, not only to those within a particular academic field but beyond, to other disciplines and society at large. As our understanding of the complexity of the world grows incrementally, so does our realisation that issues and problems can rarely be resolved within neat demarcations. Therefore, the importance of finding means of communicating across disciplines and fields becomes a priority. Whilst acknowledging the essential importance of the specialist academic, the capacity to understand other disciplines, their priorities, methodologies and even the language used can become crucial in being an effective instrument for change.

This book brings together insights from leading academics from a wide range of disciplines including Art and Design, Curatorial Practice, Literature, Forensic Science, Medical Science, Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, Philosophy, Astrophysics and Architecture with a shared interest in exploring how, in each discipline, we strive to find expression for the invisible or unknown, and to draw out and articulate some of the explicit and tacit ways of communicating those concepts that transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Paul Coldwell is Professor in Fine Art (Printmaking) at the University of the Arts London. As an artist, his practice includes prints, book works, sculptures and installations. He has exhibited widely and his work is held in numerous public collections, including the Tate, V&A and British

Ruth M. Morgan is Professor of Crime and Forensic Science at UCL, Director of the UCL Centre for the Forensic Sciences and Vice Dean (Interdisciplinarity Entrepreneurship) in the UCL Faculty of Engineering Sciences. She is a World Economic Forum Young Scientist and a member of their Global Future Council on Scientific Collaboration.

List of figures
List of contributors

Paul Coldwell


Ruth M. Morgan
1 Forensic science, revealing the unseen and the unknown
Ruth M. Morgan

2 Revealing the invisible and inaudible in UCL Special Collections
Adam Gibson, Tabitha Tuckett, Katy Makin, Cerys Jones, Jieran Sun and Melissa Terras

Communication and language
3 Picturing the invisible in site-responsive art practice
Paul Coldwell
4 Implicit relationship experience and picturing the invisible in psychoanalysis Stephan Doering
5 The invisible universe
Roberto Trotta

6 Picturing the Mind Irene Tracey
7 The formidable challenge of (MRI) invisible prostate cancer
Joseph Norris and Mark Emberton

Absence and voids
8 The fragmentary exhibition: tactics towards making architecture visible
Owen Hopkins
9 Seeing things: Anna Mary Howitt in art history
Susan Tallman
10 The invisible between philosophy, art and pregnancy
Tanja Staehler
11 The aesthetics of silence, withdrawal and negation in conceptual art
Jo Melvin      

Looking forward
12 The dictionary of invisible meanings Roberto Trotta
13 Postscript
Paul Coldwell


Format: Open Access PDF

87 colour illustrations

Copyright: © 2022

ISBN: 9781800081031

Publication: January 17, 2022

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