Drawing Futures

Speculations in Contemporary Drawing for Art and Architecture

Edited by Bob Sheil, Frédéric Migayrou, Luke Pearson, and Laura Allen


ISBN: 9781911307273

Publication: November 11, 2016

Drawing Futures brings together international designers and artists for speculations in contemporary drawing for art and architecture.

Despite numerous developments in technological manufacture and computational design that provide new grounds for designers, the act of drawing still plays a central role as a vehicle for speculation. There is a rich and long history of drawing tied to innovations in technology as well as to revolutions in our philosophical understanding of the world. In reflection of a society now underpinned by computational networks and interfaces allowing hitherto unprecedented views of the world, the changing status of the drawing and its representation as a political act demands a platform for reflection and innovation. Drawing Futures will present a compendium of projects, writings and interviews that critically reassess the act of drawing and where its future may lie.

Drawing Futures focuses on the discussion of how the field of drawing may expand synchronously alongside technological and computational developments. The book coincides with an international conference of the same name, taking place at The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, in November 2016. Bringing together practitioners from many creative fields, the book discusses how drawing is changing in relation to new technologies for the production and dissemination of ideas.

Bob Sheil is an architect, Director of The Bartlett School of Architecture, Professor of Architecture and Design through Production, and the School’s Director of Technology.

Frédéric Migayrou is Chair, Bartlett Professor of Architecture at The Bartlett School of Architecture and Deputy Director of the National Museum of Modern Art, Centre Pompidou in Paris.

Luke Caspar Pearson is a teacher at The Bartlett School of Architecture, a partner in research practice You+Pea and a designer based in London.

Laura Allen is Professor of Architecture and Augmented Landscapes at The Bartlett School of Architecture, and a partner at Smout Allen architectural research practice

The Past, Present and Futures of Drawing Professor
Frédéric Migayrou & Professor Bob Sheil

Drawing Futures
Laura Allen & Luke Caspar Pearson

The Head/Hand Dialogue
Madelon Vriesendorp

Drawing the Glitch
Matthew Austin, Gavin Perin

Drawing the Digital: From ‘Virtual’ Experiences of Spaces to ‘Real’ Drawings
Sophia Banou

Fictions: A Speculative Account of Design Mediums
Damjan Jovanovic

Augmented Maritime Histories: Text, Point, Line
Elizabeth Shotton 

Thomas Balaban;  Jennifer Thorogood

KOBUTO: About a Long House and Drive-by Pencil Strokes
Peter Behrbohm

Deep (2016)
Grégory Chatonsky

Polycephalum: A Drawing Apparatus
ecoLogicStudio; Emmanouil Zaroukas

CAD Blocks for the Present of Drawing

Repetition and Difference, After William Morris
Adam Marcus

Norell / Rodhe

Edges of Misperception: Drawing Indeterminacy
Andrew Walker

Illustrating the Cellular Mesoscale
David S. Goodsell

Deviated Histories;

An Introduction to the Eighteenth Century
Pablo Bronstein

A Flat Tale: The Picture Book as an Architectural Project
Jana Cˇulek

With-drawing Room on Vellum: The Persistent Vanishing of the Architectural Drawing Surface
Penelope Haralambidou

BOX No. 1: Unpacked (Visions of Ron Herron)
Simon Herron

Drawing a Volcanarium, or How to Represent a Very Large Figure
Adrianne Joergensen

Anamorphosis: An Inquiry into the Unknown
Thi Phuong-Trâm Nguyen

From Body Agents to Agent Bodies: Imagining Architectural Embodiment from the Inside Out
Alessandro Ayuso

California Bubblegum Autopark
Jamie Barron

A Fall of Ordinariness and Light: Regeneration! Conversations, Drawings, Archives & Photographs from Robin Hood Gardens
Jessie Brennan

The Severed Head
 Konrad Buhagiar; Guillaume Dreyfuss; Ephraim Joris

Pontifical Academy of Sciences
Benjamin Ferns

Campus Martius East
Parsa Khalili

Her Wildflower Gardens at One Hundred Five Orchard
Eric Mayer

Developing Self-Methodologies for Drawing: Open Air Performance Museum
Oğul Öztunç

Architect as Urban Ghostpainter
Drawing Architecture Studio

Future Fantasticals

Drawing as Communicating Vessels: An Apologia (or Not)
Neil Spiller

Paradoxical Sciagraphy
Nat Chard

The Fall and the Rise: Lebbeus Woods’ Metaphorical and Narrative Drawings
Massimo Mucci

Creatures Afield: Drawing the ‘Dioramatic’ Caricature
Joseph Altshuler; Julia Sedlock

The Digital Renaissance
Anna Andronova

New Lohachara
Kirsty Badenoch

The Restored Commonwealth Club
Adam Bell

Kyle Branchesi

The Silt House
Matthew Butcher

Deviated Futures and Fantastical Histories
Bryan Cantley

The Living Tableau Pablo
Gil Martínez

Speculative Morphology of Recurring Terrains
Ryota Matsumoto

Tom Ngo

Tokyo Backup City IRTBBC
You + Pea

Syd Mead


What’s the Difference?
Hsinming Fung

Tandem: Human Art in Collaboration with Machine Intelligence
Harshit Agrawal; Arnav Kapur

Inscriptive Practice as Gesture
Ray Lucas

Data Dreams: The Computer Group and Architecture by Spreadsheet, 1967–84
Ann Lui

Deconstructive Cartography
Dominique Cheng

Recording of Heritage Buildings: From Measured Drawing to 3D Laser Scanning
Bernadette Devilat; Riots Owen Duross

The Animate Drawing
Anna Hougaard

Variable Information Lineweights
Ryan Luke Johns

Timberland, or How to Design a Sustainable City in Excel
Keith Krumwiede

House for a House
Chee-Kit Lai

A Collection of Circle-Spheres: A Pre-Digital Post-Digital Convergence
Carl Lostritto

A Room With a View
Alison Moffett

SIFT’d Visualisations: The Defamiliarisation of Architectural Drawings
Matthew Parker

Phenomenon of Transparency: Cityscape Transformations Mapping
Snezana Zlatkovic

Drawing the Map, Drawing out the Territory
Nicholas de Monchaux


The logo for the event, printed in a luscious combination of orange and blue, is celebrated on the book’s front cover.
  It's Nice That

Format: Paperback

Size: 240 × 245 mm

288 Pages

ISBN: 9781911307273

Publication: November 11, 2016

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