Assessment and Feedback in Higher Education

A Guide for Teachers

Teresa McConlogue

ISBN: 9781787353640

Publication: May 01, 2020

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Teachers spend much of their time on assessment, yet many higher education teachers have received minimal guidance on assessment design and marking. This means assessment can often be a source of stress and frustration. Assessment and Feedback in Higher Education aims to solve these problems. Offering a concise overview of assessment theory and practice, this guide provides teachers with the help they need.

In education, theory and practice are often poorly linked. In this guide, Teresa McConlogue presents theoretical ideas and research findings and links them to practice. She considers recent theoretical work on feedback and suggests ways of developing evaluative judgement. Throughout the book, teachers are encouraged to examine their practice critically, and there are ideas for small-scale educational investigations, involving teachers, their colleagues and students, such as using the Assessment Review Questionnaire to adapt assessments.

A key principle of Assessment and Feedback in Higher Education is that an understanding of academic standards is fundamental to good assessment design and more reliable marking. The guide explores the concept of academic standards and proposes methods of co-constructing shared standards within a teaching team and with students through calibration activities.

Teresa McConlogue has worked co-operatively with higher education teachers and their students in a range of contexts and countries. She is interested in how teachers can explore and make sense of their practice through small scale, context rich investigations. She has investigated ways of involving students in assessment judgements and what teachers and students learn from collaborative assessment practices.

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1. Introduction
2. Key Perspectives
Part I. Designing Assessment
3. Designing Assessment for a Module
4. Designing Assessment across a Programme
5. Reaching Out
Part II. Making Judgements
6. Marker Reliability
7. Peer and Collaborative Assessment
8. Giving Good Quality Feedback
Part III. Inclusivity
9. Inclusive Assessment Practices
10. Conclusion


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2 B&W illustrations

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ISBN: 9781787353640

Publication: May 01, 2020

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