The Contemporary Medieval in Practice

Claire A. Lees and Gillian R. Overing


ISBN: 9781787354654

Publication: October 01, 2019

Series: Spotlights

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Contemporary arts, both practice and methods, offer medieval scholars innovative ways to examine, explore, and re-frame the past. Medievalists offer contemporary studies insights into cultural works of the past that have been made or re-worked in the present. Creative-critical writing invites the adaptation of scholarly style using forms such as the dialogue, short essay, and the poem; these are, the authors argue, appropriate ways to explore innovative pathways from the contemporary to the medieval, and vice versa. Speculative and non-traditional, The Contemporary Medieval in Practice adapts the conventional scholarly essay to reflect its cross-disciplinary, creative subject.

This book ‘does’ Medieval Studies differently by bringing it into relation with the field of contemporary arts and by making ‘practice’, in the sense used by contemporary arts and by creative-critical writing, central to it. Intersecting with a number of urgent critical discourses and cultural practices, such as the study of the environment and the ethics of understanding bodies, identities, and histories, this short, accessible book offers medievalists a distinctive voice in multi-disciplinary, trans-chronological, collaborative conversations about the Humanities. Its subject is early medieval British culture, often termed Anglo-Saxon Studies (c. 500-1100), and its relation with, use of, and re-working in contemporary visual, poetic, and material culture (after 1950).

‘The Contemporary Medieval in Practice is both wise and unafraid to take risks. Fully embedded in scholarship yet reaching into unmapped territory, the authors move across disciplines and forge surprising links. Thought provoking and evocative, this is a book that will have an impact that far belies its modest length.’ – Linda Anderson, Newcastle University

Clare A. Lees is Professor of Medieval Literature and Director of the Institute of English Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London.

Gillian R. Overing is Professor of English at Wake Forest University.


Chapter One               Doing it Differently: Medieval and Contemporary                      

Chapter Two               Slow Scholarship: The Art of Collaboration                                 

Chapter Three            Audience: A Prompt and Three Responses on Falling                   

Chapter Four               Water: Seven Propositions for the Contemporary Medieval        

Chapter Five               Environment: Self and the World                                            

Chapter Six                In Translation                                                                             

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Copyright: © 2019

ISBN: 9781787354654

Publication: October 01, 2019

Series: Spotlights

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