Comics Beyond the Page in Latin America

Edited by James Scorer

ISBN: 9781787357549

Publication: February 17, 2020

Series: Modern Americas

What is this?
Comics Beyond the Page in Latin America is a cutting-edge study of the expanding worlds of Latin American comics. Despite lack of funding and institutional support, not since the mid-twentieth century have comics in the region been so dynamic, so diverse and so engaged with pressing social and cultural issues. Comics are being used as essential tools in debates about, for example, digital cultures, gender identities and political disenfranchisement.

Rather than analysing the current boom in comics by focusing just on the printed text, however, this book looks at diverse manifestations of comics ‘beyond the page’. Contributors explore digital comics and social media networks; comics as graffiti and stencil art in public spaces; comics as a tool for teaching architecture or processing social trauma; and the consumption and publishing of comics as forms of shaping national, social and political identities.

Bringing together authors from across Latin America and beyond, and covering examples from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay, the book sets out a panoramic vision of Latin American comics, whether in terms of scholarly contribution, geographical diversity or interdisciplinary methodologies.

Comics Beyond the Page in Latin America demonstrates the importance of studying how comics circulate in all manner of ways beyond print media. It also reminds us of the need to think about the creative role of comics in societies with less established comics markets than in Europe, the US and Asia.

James Scorer is Senior Lecturer in Latin American Cultural Studies at the University of Manchester. His research looks at Latin American urban imaginaries, particularly those of Buenos Aires, Latin American photography, and contemporary Latin American comics. He is the author of City in Common: Culture and Community in Buenos Aires (SUNY, 2016), and the co-editor of Comics and Memory in Latin America (Pittsburgh University Press, 2017; also available in Spanish as Cómics y memoria en América Latina (Cátedra, 2019)) and Cultures of Anti-Racism in Latin America (ILAS, 2019).

1. Latin American Comics Beyond the Page – James Scorer

2. El Volcán: Forging Global Comics Cultures through Alliances, Networks and Self-Branding – Nina Mickwitz

3. From the Golden Age to Independent Publishing: Mass Culture, Popular Culture and National Imaginaries in the History of Argentine Comics – Laura Vazquez

4. The Comics Scene in Colombian Cities – Enrique Uribe-Jongbloed and Daniel E. Aguilar-Rodríguez

5. The Authors of Contracultura Publishing, Self-Portrayal and the Graphic Novel – Carla Sagástegui Heredia

6. Expanded Visual Experiences and the Expressive Possibilities of the Digital Comic in the Work of Alejandra Gámez – Carolina González Alvarado

7. Autographic Selfies: Digital Comics, Social Media and Networked Photography – Edward King

8. Comics on the Walls: The Zé Ninguém Street Comics and the Experience of the Outsider View of Rio de Janeiro – Ivan Lima Gomes

9. ‘The Nestornaut’, or How a President Becomes a Comic Superhero – Cristian Palacios

10. Comics and Teaching Architecture in Uruguay – Jorge Tuset

11. Preguntas sin respuestas: Notes on Teaching the Armed Conflict in Perú – Jesús Cossio


Format: Open Access PDF

236 Pages

colour illustrations

Copyright: © 2020

ISBN: 9781787357549

Publication: February 17, 2020

Series: Modern Americas

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