Advances in Language Education

Series Editor: Li Wei, Director and Dean of IOE, UCL’s Faculty of Education and Society. 
Series Advisers:  Jasone Cenoz, University of the Basque Country; Lourdes Ortega, Georgetown University; Norbert Pachler, UCL; Brian Paltridge, University of Sydney

Applied Linguistics and Language Education are interdisciplinary fields at the forefront of policy and practice. Research in these areas is concerned with the cognitive and social benefits of language learning; equity and diversity of language learners and the language teaching profession; innovative pedagogy for language teaching and cross-curriculum connections; national language strategy; and language-in-education policies.

The unique aim of Advances in Language Education is to translate research-based knowledge of applied linguistics and language education into practical guidance for professionals. The series turns the latest research findings into innovative pedagogies and guidance that will appeal to an international readership of language professionals, and language policy makers and practitioners. The research outlined in these books may be experimental, experiential, observational or action research, with impact on curriculum design and delivery, classroom management, pedagogy and school leadership all foregrounded.

The books will be important reading for student educators and trainee teachers on PGCE, MEd and EdD programmes; and to language professionals, especially language teachers in universities, schools and other institutions. They will also be of interest to language and education policymakers and stakeholders, early career researchers in applied linguistics and language education, including postgraduate students.

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