Fabricate 2024

Creating Resourceful Futures

Edited by Phil Ayres, Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen, Bob Sheil, and Marilena Skavara

ISBN: 9781800086340

Publication: April 04, 2024


What is this?

Fabricate 2024: Creating Resourceful Futures is the fifth volume in the series of Fabricate publications. The first conference – ‘Making Digital Architecture’ – explored the ways in which technology, design and industry are shaping the world around us. Since then, we have become finely attuned to the negative impacts of this shaping. The 2024 conference, hosted in Copenhagen, sets focus on the pressing need to develop new models for architectural production that rethink how resource is deployed, its intensity, its socio-ecological origins and sensitivity to environment.

This book features the work of designers, engineers and makers operating within the built environment. It documents disruptive approaches that reconsider how fabrication can be leveraged to address our collective and entangled challenges of resource scarcity, climate emergency and burgeoning demand. Exploring case studies of completed buildings and works-in-progress, together with interviews with leading thinkers, this edition of Fabricate offers a plurality of tangible models for design and production that set a creative and responsible course towards resourceful futures.

Bob Sheil is Professor in Architecture and Design through Production at the Bartlett School of Architecture UCL, and has been Director of School since 2014. He is the author of multiple book chapters, refereed papers, and articles on design, making and technology. He has co-designed and built six artefacts/built works, and his work has been exhibited internationally on 11 occasions.

Marilena Skavara is a London-based architect and interaction designer. She is a co-founder and partner at Codica Ltd., a digital product design practice focused on outcome-driven innovation. Using high-fidelity prototyping and embedding design into agile development cycles, Codica delivers the real product experience in record time, maximising the opportunities for iteration and refinement.

Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen is Professor of Digital Technologies and leads the Centre for Information Technology and Architecture (CITA), which she founded in 2005, at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation. Her research examines how computation is changing the material cultures of architecture.

Phil Ayres is Professor of Bio-hybrid Architecture at the Royal Danish Academy.

Format: Open Access PDF

320 Pages

Copyright: © 2024

ISBN: 9781800086340

Publication: April 04, 2024


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