Baghdadi Judeo-Arabic

An Introductory Text

Assaf Bar-Moshe


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Baghdadi Judeo-Arabic was the native tongue spoken by the Jews of Baghdad and other towns of Southern Iraq, historically one of the oldest and biggest Jewish communities. This textbook is dedicated to spoken Baghdadi Judeo-Arabic and is designed to guide beginners to an advanced level, with the goal of enabling basic conversations. It focuses on common expressions of this unique dialect and opens a window to Baghdad’s historic Jewish culture. The 10 lessons guide readers through a particular topic, such as greetings, family, shopping or cuisine, and consist of sample texts, key vocabulary, grammar points and exercises.

The textbook includes access to audio files, additional activities and links to the exercises.

Dr Assaf Bar-Moshe is based at Freie Universität, Berlin and acts as a visiting instructor at the Oxford School of Rare Jewish Languages.

Symbols and abbreviations
Lesson 1. Greetings
Lesson 2. Getting to know someone
Lesson 3. Buying vegetables and visiting the doctor
Lesson 4. Food, drinks and travelling
Lesson 5. Work, studies and places of origin
Lesson 6. Inviting someone to eat, locations and transport
Lesson 7. Family, shopping and dating
Lesson 8. Giving directions, cooking, immigration stories
Lesson 9. Gossiping
Lesson 10. Seasons and short stories
Appendix I
Appendix II
Appendix III
Online resources

Format: Hardback

Size: 234 × 156 mm

384 Pages

ISBN: 9781800086623

Publication: November 01, 2024

Series: Textbook of World and Minority Languages

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