Polish Cities of Migration

The migration transition in Kalisz, Piła and Płock

Anne White


ISBN: 9781800087316

Publication: November 01, 2024

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Polish Cities of Migration analyses how Poland is transitioning to a new identity as a ‘country of immigration’, although its ‘country of emigration’ identity remains strong outside a handful of bigger cities. The book explores two interconnected puzzles: how Poland’s migration transition is influenced by the fact that it is simultaneously a country of emigration, and why migrants are spreading out beyond the metropolises, often settling with their families in smaller cities with limited labour markets, cities from which Poles themselves continue to migrate. It argues that migrants’ feeling of comfort in such locations can be explained mostly by network and lifestyle considerations. These link to impressions that local Poles – who used to be migrants themselves, and/or have family and friends abroad – possess pragmatic and accepting attitudes towards migration, particularly from Ukraine.

The book is based on in-depth interviews with 37 Polish return migrants, 70 Ukrainians and 17 other foreigners living in Kalisz, Płock and Piła. Key concepts include migration culture, livelihood strategies and place attachment. The analysis is situated within a wide range of existing secondary literature and contributes towards understanding the impact of migration on Poland, Ukrainian labour migration and wider global migration processes in the twenty-first century.

Anne White is Professor of Polish Studies and Social and Political Science at UCL.

List of tables

1 Introduction

2 Kalisz, Płock and Piła and the research

3 Motives to live in smaller cities: jobs versus quality of life

4 Polish migration patterns, motivations and experiences

5 Polish return mobilities

6 Polish reflections on migration to Poland

7 Motives for leaving Ukraine

8 Migration to Poland: agencies, families and friends

9 Ukrainian jobs and integration

10 Ukrainian place attachment in Kalisz, Piła and Płock and likelihood of moving on

11 Ukrainian-Polish networks and relations

12 Minority minorities

13 Conclusions

14 References


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348 Pages

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ISBN: 9781800087316

Publication: November 01, 2024

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