Submitting your book proposal

We welcome proposals for monographs, short monographs, edited volumes and textbooks across all major disciplines in the Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences and Sciences. Take a look at our range of subjects and published books.

Our commissioning editors are:

Photo of Chris Penfold, UCL Press Commissioning EditorDr Chris Penfold, (All subjects - excluding education)

Chris has been commissioning books for UCL Press since its launch in 2015. He is responsible for most of our subject areas, including Anthropology, Built Environment, History, Political Science and Sustainability. Prior to his role with us, Chris commissioned books at Palgrave Macmillan, and brings a wealth of experience in working closely with authors on developing their book projects for successful publication.

Photo of Pat Gordon Smith, UCL Press Commissioning EditorPat Gordon Smith, (Education and related subjects)

Pat is actively building our list of books on research in education and related social sciences, bringing 30 years of editorial experience in this field to UCL Press. A one-time secondary English teacher, she was for many years the publishing manager at two leading UK early childhood organisations. Through this and other commissioning roles, she has worked with hundreds of authors writing in all areas of education research and practice, and for the wider social sciences.

Please do contact Chris or Pat with a brief outline of your book so they can assess whether it’s a good fit for UCL Press. If your project falls within the scope of what we publish, they’ll offer advice on how to complete our proposal form.

If you’re planning to publish your PhD research, please visit our From thesis to monograph page.

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