Support offered for student journals

UCL Press maintains Open Journal Systems and provides advice and guidance to journal Boards on a range of issues, including:

  • OJS configuration – documentation for UCL journals boards has been prepared
  • Technical support using OJS
  • Training in OJS functionality including how to upload files
  • Training in upload of articles to Discovery (via RPS)
  • Providing administrative permissions on OJS and UCL Discovery
  • Advising on copyright
  • Support for overall design of site
  • Open Access advocacy
  • Assigning DOIs for all published journal articles on OJS and registering them with CrossRef
  • Ensuring that journal articles are indexed in Web of Science, Scopus and other services
  • ISSN management
  • Guidance on registering journals on the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

Journal Boards are provided with administrative permissions on the OJS application and UCL Discovery. Journal managers can take advantage of the full functionality of OJS to facilitate journal production. Peer review, acceptance, and other editorial decisions rest entirely with the journal Board. Boards are able to configure OJS to provide the required styling of their journal interfaces, and are responsible, if required, for the copy-editing and typesetting of their articles: UCL Press does not impose a house style. Boards are also required to:

  • Ensure that their publications do not infringe any author or third-party copyrights
  • Encourage the assignment of Creative Commons licences to articles by their authors  Upload accepted articles to OJS via UCL Discovery
  • Manage journal administration including registering users and assigning roles, and establishment of their own editorial boards
  • Define journal editorial policies around the submission and review process and publish these on their journal page
  • Write abstracts and keywords
  • Create author guidelines
  • Customise look and feel of individual journal pages
  • Manage submission, peer review, acceptance process, quality control and all editorial decisions and pre-publication processes such as copyediting and typesetting
  • Manage all aspects of scheduling to meet the required publication date, allowing at least a week for the upload process
  • Be responsible for content, length of articles, frequency of publication and clearing of permissions
  • Embed DOIs in the metadata and PDF of each journal article from 2015 onwards (DOIs available from UCL Press)
  • Create and publish issues
  • To devise workflows and procedures
  • To ensure a full handover to successive journal editors, where these change annually
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