UCL Press is currently developing a new programme of open access etextbooks, for undergraduate and postgraduate courses and modules, across a variety of disciplines. This landmark programme will mark out UCL Press as the first UK-based academic publisher to produce and distribute a dedicated programme of high-quality etextbooks, free to download and access digitally, anywhere in the world.  

The new programme builds on the success of our previous publishing and directly responds to the significant increase in demand for OA digital resources to support the changing teaching and learning environment. 

Each etextbook is developed with the student in mind and include pedagogical features to support navigation through a key topic or theme, within a given subject area.  

Our initial programme of open access etextbooks will be authored by academics and teaching faculty based at UCL. We appreciate the efforts required for academics to write textbooks and we have established some incentives to compensate our textbook authors for their work.  

All textbooks are subject to rigorous peer-review and appropriate development and the programme direction is governed by our Textbook Board and overseen by the UCL Press and Publications Board. For more information about this, see UCL Press Governance. 

If you are based at UCL and feel that there is an opportunity to collaborate on an open access textbook provision for your module, we would love to hear from you!  

Please contact Dhara Snowden for more information. 

    Textbook of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Written by experts at the renowned Royal Free Hospital in London, this comprehensive overview of plastic and reconstructive surgery is perfect for those undertaking introductory plastic surgery and surgical science courses.

    Key Concepts in Public Archaeology

    This textbook provides a broad overview of the key concepts in public archaeology, a research field that examines the relationship between archaeology and the public, in theoretical and practical terms.

    Introduction to Nordic Cultures

    Introduction to Nordic Cultures is an undergraduate textbook covering subjects related to Nordic history, politics, culture, geography and people.

      An Introduction to Waste Management and Circular Economy

      This introductory textbook provides an essential interdisciplinary guide to waste management and circular economy. It helps students to understand the drivers of waste, the environmental, social, and economic impacts of waste generation, and best practices and technologies for waste management, recycling, energy recovery and disposal..




      In addition to the UCL Press new OA textbooks, there are many OA alternatives to consider when thinking about your reading list or incorporating accessible resources to support your teaching and learning. For more information from UCL about where to find other OA Textbooks and Open Education Resources (OER), visit UCL's OER guide.


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