The International Journal on School Disaffection

ISSN 1478-8497 (Print); ISSN 1747-9207 (online)

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The only journal of its kind, The International Journal on School Disaffection was an international, peer-reviewed journal which provides a forum for multi-disciplinary dialogue about influences and outcomes relating to school disengagement, low-attainment, and early school leaving. The journal ceased publication in 2016.

IJSD represents the perspectives, theories and insights of academics and scholar practitioners from a range of disciplines and backgrounds, and particularly those whose research interests fall within education, youth studies, sociology, mental health and criminology.

IJSD publishes articles on issues and theories surrounding school disaffection and the most effective strategies, both individualized and structural, that are being used around the world to keep children and young people from becoming disengaged from learning. It is concerned with the relationship between the current challenges facing school and college students across the world and the strategies and values that inform the work of academics, policy-makers and practitioners. The journal is open to a wide range of perspectives: sociological, historical, philosophical, psychological, criminological and educational. Its priority is to support work that seeks to engage and re-engage children and young people and to develop critical and scholarly debate around school disaffection.

All research articles submitted to IJSD will undergo rigorous blind peer review based on initial editor screening and anonymized refereeing by at least two referees. The approach to review of articles will be seen as particularly important both in terms of ensuring quality but also in terms of transparency and fairness. The editors are committed to contributing constructively to the process through encouraging helpful feedback to authors.

ISSN 1478-8497 (print)
ISSB 1747-9207 (online)


Gale Macleod University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Editorial Board

Janet Batsleer Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom

Kalwant Bhopal University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

Dorothy Bottrell Victoria University, Australia

Geoff Bright Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom

Tim Corcoran Victoria University, Australia

Harry Daniels University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Ross Deuchar University of the West of Scotland, United Kingdom

David Gillborn University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

Kalervo Gulson University of New South Wales, Australia

Neil Harrison Macquarie University, Australia

Valerie Harwood University of Wollongong, Australia

Markku Jahnukainen University of Helsinki, Finland

Gwynedd Lloyd University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Gillean McCluskey University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Maggie MacLure Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom

Meg Maguire Kings College London, United Kingdom

Martin Mills University of Queensland, Australia

Line Lerche Mörck Aarhus Universitet, Denmark

Mohammed Moustakim University of Western Sydney, Australia

Tiago Neves University of Porto, Portugal

Carl Parsons University of Greenwich, United Kingdom

John Schostak Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom

Roger Slee Victoria University, Australia

John Smyth University of Ballarat, Australia

Myra Taylor Edith Cowan University, Australia

Sally Tomlinson University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Elizabeth Walton University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

David Zyngier Monash University, Australia

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