Introduction to Nordic Cultures

Edited by Annika Lindskog and Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen

ISBN: 9781787353992

Publication: April 01, 2020

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Introduction to Nordic Cultures is an innovative, interdisciplinary introduction to Nordic history, cultures and societies from medieval times to today. The textbook spans the whole Nordic region, covering historical periods from the Viking Age to modern society, and engages with a range of subjects: from runic inscriptions on iron rings and stone monuments, via eighteenth-century scientists, Ibsen’s dramas and turn-of-the-century travel, to twentieth-century health films and the welfare state, nature ideology, Greenlandic literature, Nordic Noir, migration, ‘new’ Scandinavians, and stereotypes of the Nordic.

The chapters provide fundamental knowledge and insights into the history and structures of Nordic societies, while constructing critical analyses around specific case studies that help build an informed picture of how societies grow and of the interplay between history, politics, culture, geography and people. Introduction to Nordic Cultures is a tool for understanding issues related to the Nordic region as a whole, offering the reader engaging and stimulating ways of discovering a variety of cultural expressions, historical developments and local preoccupations. The textbook is a valuable resource for undergraduate students of Scandinavian and Nordic studies, as well as students of European history, culture, literature and linguistics.

Annika Lindskog is Lecturer in Swedish in the UCL Department of Scandinavian Studies (SELCS). Her main areas of research and teaching are nineteenth-century music and landscapes, cultural memory, and language. She has published on a variety of cultures, topics and artistic expressions from Scandinavia and beyond, including articles on Linnaeus, Sibelius, Frederick Delius, Brahms, landscape ideologies, collective identity formation, and representations of north.

Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen is Senior Lecturer in Scandinavian Literature in the UCL Department of Scandinavian Studies (SELCS). His main areas of research and teaching are in literary and cultural studies. He is the author of Scandinavian Crime Fiction (Bloomsbury 2017) and has co-edited the anthologies Nordic Publishing and Book History (Scandinavica 2013, with Elettra Carbone) and World Literature, World Culture: History, Theory, Analysis (Aarhus UP 2008, with Karen-Margrethe Simonsen). He is currently co-editing a volume based on the AHRC-funded project ‘Translating the Literatures of Small European Nations’.

Editorial Introduction to Nordic Cultures, Annika Lindskog and Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen
1.Viking-Age Scandinavia: Identities, Communities and Kingdoms, Haki Antonsson
2. North: Territory and Narrated Nature, Annika Lindskog
3. Narrating Nations: Iceland and Finland in Texts, Haki Antonsson and Annika Lindskog
4. Modern Experiences, Elettra Carbone and Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen
5.The Nordic Welfare Model, Mary Hilson

6.The Trial of Bróka-Auðr: Invisible Bureaucracy in an Icelandic Saga, Richard Cole
7. Nora: The Life and Afterlife of Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House, Elettra Carbone
8 Nordic Noir, Anne Grydehøj
9. North Atlantic Drift: Contemporary Greenlandic and Sami Literatures, Kristin Lorentsen and Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen
10. New Scandinavians, New Narratives, Anne Grydehøj

11 Nordic Nature: From Romantic Nationalism to the Anthropocene, Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen
12.Emigration and Scandinavian Identity, Mart Kuldkepp
13.Film and the Welfare State: Three Informational Films about Healthcare, C. Claire Thomson
14.Stereotypes in and of Scandinavia, Ellen Kythor


Format: Open Access PDF

17 colour illustrations Illustrations

17 colour illustrations

Copyright: © 2020

ISBN: 9781787353992

Publication: April 01, 2020

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