Decolonising Andean Identities

Andinxs, activism and social change

Edited by Rebecca Irons and Phoebe Martin


ISBN: 9781787354951

Publication: June 01, 2024

Series: Modern Americas

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Decolonising Andean Identities presents ground-breaking work from scholars carrying out social science research in and from Andean Latin America. It addresses themes of central importance to contemporary perspectives on interdisciplinary gender studies and politics in societies undergoing significant social transformation.

The collection aims to develop the field of decolonial gender studies by showcasing interdisciplinary work at the forefront of scholarship. It draws on international expertise through its diverse contributors, including predominately Latin American scholars. There is an urgent need to broaden the perspectives on gender and gender-based activism in Latin America beyond the Southern Cone and Mexico in order to bring the region as a whole into dialogue with global scholarship.

The contributors use the term ‘Andinxs’ as a provocation to encourage scholars of the region to reconsider approaches the politics of gender, sexuality, and (de)coloniality. By responding to the question, ‘Who are Andinxs (Andin-exs)?’ the collection interrogates the postcolonial, gendered and political subjectivities currently undergoing dramatic social change in Andean Latin America.

Rebecca Irons is Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Global Health, UCL.

Phoebe Martin is Postdoctoral Researcher at King’s College London.

List of figures
List of contributors
Jelke Boesten

Introducing Andinxs
Rebecca Irons and Phoebe Martin

Part I: Coloniality, indigeneity and the body

1 Entrapped in hollow choices: Indigenous women manoeuvring legal pluralism in Ecuador
Andrea Espinoza Carvajal
2 A new dawn for good living: women healing and defending body and community in the Andes
Lucia Stavig
3 Prudish in the puna: Quechua sexuality and the post-colonial pornographic gaze
Rebecca Irons
4 Queerness and social suffering in the Peruvian Andes through the lens of Retablo
Micaela Giesecke Chero

Part II: Emergent Andean feminisms

5 ‘Somos Las Indígenas Que No Pudiste Esterilizar’: visual and embodied activism in the contemporary Peruvian feminist movement
Phoebe Martin
6 Challenging multiple oppressions: situating the revolutionary armed forces of Colombia’s (FARC) insurgent feminism within Andean feminisms
Jennifer Bates
7 #AMiMeGustaLaVidaSocial: an analysis of a feminist and Peruvian social media 'campaign’ against victim blaming
Daniela Meneses

Afterword: Andinxs as provocation for a new generation of Andean researchers
Florence Babb


Format: Paperback

Size: 234 × 156 mm

182 Pages

1 diagram and 2 B&W photo/halftones

Copyright: © 2024

ISBN: 9781787354951

Publication: June 01, 2024

Series: Modern Americas

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