Generalism in Clinical Practice and Education

Edited by Sophie Park and Kay Leedham-Green and foreword by John Launer


ISBN: 9781800085442

Publication: July 25, 2024

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Generalism is a key approach to healthcare organisation and delivery that enables person-centred, dynamic and cost-effective patient care. With its emphasis on adaptability, generalism requires expansive, nurturing and personalised approaches to clinical education in which a generalist attends to and explores patient priorities when problem-setting and co-creating management plans.

Generalism in Clinical Practice and Education outlines a generalist philosophy of practice which is brought to life through interleaved examples. Written by a range of international clinicians, patients and academics, this book does not prescribe one ‘right’ way to do generalism. Rather, it seeks to inspire readers’ future engagement with generalism in practice and learning through sharing underpinning concepts, values and principles. This ‘big picture’ attention to generalism across public health, social determinants of health and clinical care is at the heart of sustainable and efficient use of resources to prioritise those in need. The book explores four key principles which in practice aim to achieve creative, inclusive and agile approaches to clinical care. The goal is to support generalism in clinical practice and education, and to produce clinical practitioners and learners that enjoy, embrace and enhance future clinical care.

Sophie Park is Professor of Primary Care and Clinical Education at the University of Oxford and a General Practitioner in Hertfordshire.

Kay Leedham-Green is a Senior Research Fellow in the Medical Education Research Unit at Imperial College London.

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Foreword by John Launer
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**Part I: Core concepts**

1 What is generalism and why is it important?
Sophie Park, Kay Leedham-Green and Tanya Cohen

2 Generalism across disciplines
Martina Kelly, Rupal Shah, Nicola Clarke and Jens Foell

3 Patient priorities and perspectives
Anya de Iongh and Fiona McKenzie

4 Researching generalism
Lindsey Pope, Helen Reid, Nigel Hart, Emily Owen and Sophie Park

5 Implementing generalist knowledge
Sophie Park, Claire Duddy and Kamal Mahtani

Part II: Educational approaches

6 Education for clinical generalism
Sophie Park, Kay Leedham Green and Ben Jackson

7 Generalism and assessment
Eleanor Hothersall and Eliot Rees

Part III: Systems approaches

8 Organisation and design of healthcare for generalism
Stewart Mercer, John Gillies and Clare MacRae

9 Collaborative and integrated working
Emily Owen, Charles Coombs and Sophie Park

10 Supporting generalism through health justice partnerships
Hazel Genn and Sophie Park

11 Generalist approaches to community health needs Jane Myat, Jane Riddiford, Sadie Lawes-Wickwar and Henry Aughterson

12 Making general practice and clinical education socially accountable
Sadie Lawes-Wickwar and Jane Hopkins

13 Sustainability, health and healthcare
Alice Clack, Frances Mortimer and Kay Leedham-Green

14 Generalist approaches to quality improvement
Rebecca Mackenzie and Nitisha Nahata

Part IV: Generalist interactions

15 Interactional knowledge
Graham Easton

16 Prescribing and de-prescribing: the generalist’s script
Deborah Swinglehurst and Nina Fudge

17 Embedding health and wellbeing into clinical practice and education
Jessica Xie, Kay Leedham-Green and Sara Thompson

18 Addressing multimorbidity through personalised care
Danielle Nimmons, Emma Hyde and Kay Leedham-Green


Format: Hardback

Size: 234 × 156 mm

464 Pages

26 tables, 33 line drawings, and 9 B&W line drawings

Copyright: © 2024

ISBN: 9781800085442

Publication: July 25, 2024

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