Between Design and Making

Architecture and craftsmanship, 1630–1760

Edited by Andrew Tierney and Melanie Hayes


ISBN: 9781800086944

Publication: July 08, 2024

The seventeenth and eighteenth centuries represent a high point in the intersection between design and workmanship. Skilled artisans, creative and technically competent agents within their own field, worked across a wide spectrum of practice that encompassed design, supervision and execution, and architects relied heavily on the experience they brought to the building site. Despite this, the bridge between design and tacit artisanal knowledge has been an underarticulated factor in the architectural achievement of the early modern era.

Building on the shift towards a collaborative and qualitative analysis of architectural production, Between Design and Making re-evaluates the social and professional fabric that binds design to making, and reflects on the asymmetry that has emerged between architecture and craft. Combining analysis of buildings, archival material and eighteenth-century writings, the authors draw out the professional, pedagogical and social links between architectural practice and workmanship. They argue for a process-oriented understanding of architectural production, exploring the obscure centre ground of the creative process: the scribbled, sketched, hatched and annotated beginnings of design on the page; the discussions, arguments and revisions in the forging of details; and the grappling with stone, wood and plaster on the building site that pushed projects from conception to completion.

ANDREW TIERNEY and MELANIE HAYES are post-doctoral research fellows of the European Research Council Advanced Grant project, STONE-WORK, and former research fellows of the Irish Research Council Advanced Laureate Project CRAFTVALUE at Trinity College Dublin.

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Introduction: Between design and making: architecture and craftsmanship, 1630–1760
Andrew Tierney and Melanie Hayes

Part 1: Practice
1 Architect and mason-architect: Inigo Jones, Nicholas Stone and the development of the open-well suspended stone staircase in the 1630s
Gordon Higgott and Adam White

2 The Townesend family and the building of eighteenth-century Oxford
Geoffrey Tyack

3 Codes, conventions, circulations: drawings as an instrument of collaboration in the work of Nicolas Pineau
Bénédicte Gady

4 Architects and artificers: building management at Trinity College Dublin in the 1730s and 1740s
Melanie Hayes

5 Artisans and architecture in eighteenth-century Saxony
Nele Lüttmann

6 Between concept and construction: conservation insights into the building of Damer House
Mairtín D’Alton and Flora O’Mahony

Part 2: Representation
7 Architects and craftsmen: a theme with variations
Alistair Rowan

8 Classical profiles: the ‘alphabet of architecture'?
Edward McParland

9 Allegorising the space between architecture and craft: mural painting 1630–1730
Lydia Hamlett

10 Material, curiosity and performance: the reception of workmanship in early modern Britain and Ireland
Andrew Tierney


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ISBN: 9781800086944

Publication: July 08, 2024

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