Shaping Urban Futures in Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar, Dynamic Ownership and Economic Flux

Rebekah Plueckhahn


ISBN: 9781787351523

Publication: December 01, 2019

Series: Economic Exposures in Asia

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Shaping Urban Futures in Ulaanbaatar discusses the lived experience of urban development, redevelopment and change in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The fast rates of urbanisation occurring in many parts of the world are often buoyed by increased investment of capital and ensuing construction, give rise to other less visible effects among those living in cities – including diverse economic practices, politics and ethics. Construction becomes a solution to the provision of housing but also simultaneously becomes a problem when economic processes fail to work as they ‘should,’ or people are dispossessed of land to make way for further urban change.

Rebekah Plueckhahn explores the inherent contradiction between solution and problem-making as experienced by residents of Ulaanbaatar during a tumultuous period of Mongolia’s economic history. She examines the ways residents attempt to own forms of real estate and, in turn, physically shape the city, its politics and urban economic forms from within. This book interlinks the intimate space of the home with ideologies of the national economy, urban development and disrepair and types of politics and ethics that arise as a result.

Rebekah Plueckhahn is Research Associate in the Anthropology Department at UCL. Trained in anthropology, as well as ethnomusicology and history, Rebekah has conducted research in Mongolia since 2008, researching subjectivity, ethics, economy, capitalism, urbanism, performance, ownership, music and postsocialist cultural practice. Her latest research interests include the making of urban forms in Mongolia, the ways urbanism intersects with financialisation and the ways that understanding the urban in Mongolia can contribute to urban theory more generally. Rebekah obtained her PhD from the Australian National University. Her past awards include the 2014 Article Prize from the Australian Anthropological Society (AAS).

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200 Pages

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ISBN: 9781787351523

Publication: December 01, 2019

Series: Economic Exposures in Asia

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