The State, Popular Mobilisation and Gold Mining in Mongolia

Shaping ‘Neo-Liberal’ Policies

Dulam Bumochir

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ISBN: 9781787351851

Publication: March 01, 2020

Series: Economic Exposures in Asia

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Mongolia’s mining sector, and its environmental and social costs, has been the subject of prolonged and heated debate. This debate has often cast the country as either a victim of the ‘resource curse’ or guilty of ‘resource nationalism’.

In The State, Popular Mobilisation and Gold Mining in Mongolia, Dulam Bumochir aims to avoid the pitfalls of this debate by adopting an alternative theoretical approach. He focuses on the indigenous representations of nature, environment, economy, state and sovereignty that have triggered nationalist and statist responses to the mining boom. In doing so, he explores the ways in which these responses have shaped the apparently ‘neo-liberal’ policies of twenty-first century Mongolia, and the economy that has emerged from them, in the face of competing mining companies, protest movements, international donor organizations, economic downturn, and local and central government policies. 

Applying rich ethnography to a nuanced and complex picture, Bumochir’s analysis is essential reading for students and researchers studying the environment and mining, especially in Central and North East Asia and post-Soviet regions, alongside readers interested in the relationship between neoliberalism, nationalism, environmentalism and state.


Dulam Bumochir completed his PhD in Philology at Mongolian Academy of Sciences in 2000, and in Social Anthropology at Cambridge University in 2006. He has been conducting research on wide range of topics exploring folk and shamanic practices, rituals and chants, and tracing historical construction of Mongolian concept ‘shamanism’ and ‘shamanic religion’. Recently he has expanded his research interest to a new field in Qinghai, North West of China, focusing on ethnic politics, power of respect in the social production of identity, politics and state.

Format: Hardback

Size: 234 × 156 mm

232 Pages

Copyright: © 2020

ISBN: 9781787351851

Publication: March 01, 2020

Series: Economic Exposures in Asia

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