Methods and Methodologies in Heritage Studies

Edited by Rachel King and Trinidad Rico

ISBN: 9781800083790

Publication: July 01, 2024

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Methods and Methodologies in Heritage Studies offers succinct, easily accessible analyses of the disciplinary debates, intellectual legacies, and practical innovations that have led to understandings of heritage value today.

Through a diverse collection of expert voices, this volume invites readers to embark on their own journeys through appropriate methodologies for research and public engagement. Readers can draw on analyses of key problem areas and argumentative interventions to create a roadmap for the many disciplinary approaches that converge on heritage studies.

Oriented specifically towards learning and teaching heritage across archaeology, anthropology, history, and geography, this textbook is designed to support critical, ethical heritage students, researchers, and practitioners.

Rachel King is Associate Professor in Cultural Heritage Studies at the UCL Institute of Archaeology and holds an honorary research affiliation at the University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa).

Trinidad Rico is Associate Professor and Director of Cultural Heritage Studies at Rutgers University, USA, and Honorary Associate Professor at the Institute of Archaeology of UCL.

List of contributors

Introduction: Epistemic Journeys
Trinidad Rico and Rachel King

1 On Connecting
Rachel King and Trinidad Rico
2 Documents and Records
Colin Sterling
3 On Refusal (to record)
Uzma Rizvi
4 Archives and Historiography
Laura McAtackney
5 On Commemorating
Leticia Zuppardi
6 Collections and Collecting
Alice Stevenson
7 On Not (Just) Repatriating
Elizabeth Marlowe
8 Institutions and Governance
Christina Luke
9 On Locality
Yujie Zhu
10 Landscapes and Environment
Melissa F. Baird
11 On Borderlands
Maria de los Angeles Picone
12 Discourses and Languages
Rachel King
13 On Speaking
Victoria Vargas-Downing
14 Practices and Performances
Trinidad Rico
15 Meloro — On dreaming
Tebogo George Mahashe
16 Evaluation and Publics
David Francis
17 On Digital Connection
Colleen Morgan
18 Everything Considered: Training and Pedagogy
Rachel King and Trinidad Rico
19 On Bad (Visual) Methods
Ömür Harmanşah


'This excellent volume fills a substantial gap for those looking for a single course book with which to teach a range of interdisciplinary methods to both undergraduate and postgraduate heritage studies students and should be seen as the ‘go to’ on heritage research methodologies for students, teachers and professionals alike. It will have a significant impact in shaping the field of critical heritage studies for years to come.' Rodney Harrison, Professor of Heritage Studies, UCL.


Format: Open Access PDF

214 Pages

Copyright: © 2024

ISBN: 9781800083790

Publication: July 01, 2024

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