Knowledge and the Curriculum

Series Editors: Arthur Chapman, Cosette Crisan, Jennie Golding and Alex Standish, all at UCL Institute of Education

The series explores the nature of knowledge in contemporary societies, academic disciplines, school subjects and other fields of knowledge production. In doing so, it aims to foster inquiry into the relationships between knowledge disciplines in schools and elsewhere. Promoting equity in access to knowledge is a key driver.

The series emerged from the Subject Specialism Research Group in the UCL Institute of Education and a major international network of curriculum theorists (KOSS) centred around a research group in Karlstad (ROSE) and in Helsinki (HuSoEd). It draws upon the expertise of all three research groups for its editors and advisory board. Series advisors: Gabriel Bladh, University of Karlstad; Zongyi Deng, UCL Institute of Education; Jan Derry, UCL Institute of Education; Niklas Gerrike, University of Karlstad; Brian Hudson, University of Sussex; David Lambert, UCL Institute of Education; Christina Olin-Scheller, University of Karlstad; Eero Salmenkivi, University of Helsinki; Sirpa Tani, University of Helsinki; Michael Young, UCL Institute of Education.

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