All UCL Press books are available free to access in either downloadable PDF format or available online in HTML format. Most titles are also available to purchase in paperback, hardback, Kindle and epub formats.


UCL Press is committed to publishing open access textbooks to meet the needs of today's students. Open access textbooks currently available include:

MARC Records

MARC records are available to help make UCL Press open access books easily visible in electronic library cataloguing systems, helping to ensure that library users are able to discover relevant content.

MARC records for all UCL Press titles are available for download below as .mrc files, and are catalogued according to RDA and MARC-21 standards. 

We would like to thank UCL Library Services for providing these records for wider distribution.

Title Lists

Spring/Summer 2021(.pdf)
Autumn / Winter 2020-21 Autumn/Winter 2020-21(.pdf)
UCL Press January to July 2020 catalogue cover January to July 2020 (.pdf)
UCL Press June 2019 to January 2020 catalogue cover June to January 2020 (.pdf)
UCL Press January to June 2019 catalogue cover January to June 2019 (.pdf)
UCL Press June to December 2018 catalogue cover  June to December 2018 (.pdf)
UCL Press January to June 2018 catalogue cover  January to June 2018 (.pdf)
UCL Press July to December 2017 catalogue cover July to December 2017 (.pdf)
UCL Press January to June 2017 catalogue cover January to June 2017 (.pdf)
UCL Press Autumn/ Winter 2016 catalogue cover Autumn/Winter 2016 (.pdf)
UCL Press Spring/ Summer 2016 catalogue cover Spring/Summer 2016 (.pdf)
UCL Press Autumn/ Winter 2015 catalogue cover Autumn/Winter 2015 (.pdf)


UCL Press publishes a selection of open access journals. All journals are open access, available via Titles currently published by UCL Press include:

For further information on our journals programme, please visit our journals pages


All UCL Press books and journals are digitally preserved in partnership with Portico in order to ensure ongoing availability. 


All UCL Press publications are licensed using Creative Commons Licences, which grant you a licence to include these in your library without any further permission. For further information about Creative Commons licenses, please visit

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