UCL research collections

UCL Press offers a service to UCL to present its research and output into themed research collections. See below the current list of UCL research collections.

Powered by ScienceOpen each research collection indexes any relevant and individually published articles, book chapters, preprints, databases, as well as any other output type registered with a DOI (a Digital Object Identifier) into one themed list. Each list is kept up-to-date indexing the latest UCL output on the theme.

Each indexed item links out to the original source of the output (for example, the publishers website) as well as providing where possible open access versions available to any reader (for example, archived versions available on open access repositories).

  UCL Science open

UCL: Covid-19 Research 

This collection lists all UCL contributed published content related to the Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic. For more information about how UCL is tackling the pandemic, please visit

Click here to view the research collection.

UCL and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

This collection lists all UCL contributed published content pertaining to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – please see the collection for individual SDG lists. For more information about how UCL is supporting the UN SDGs, visit

Click here to view the research collection. 


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