Research in Global Learning

Methodologies for global citizenship and sustainable development education

Edited by Douglas Bourn

ISBN: 9781800083080

Publication: November 08, 2023

What is this?

Young people around the world are calling ever more urgently on policymakers to address today’s global challenges of sustainability, structural inequality and social justice. So it is little surprise that learning in a global society, understanding sustainable development and being active global citizens are increasingly popular themes for education at all levels. Educational research makes a crucial contribution to knowledge that can address the great questions of our time, with evidence from diverse studies vital if we are to build a clear picture. Research in Global Learning showcases methods and findings from early career researchers who conducted illuminating studies around the globe, specifically in Brazil, China, Ghana, Greece, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Poland, South Korea, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, the United States and the United Kingdom.

The studies in this volume investigate four important themes: the relationship between policy and practice; opportunities and constraints in the education system and for the role of teachers; challenges for higher education; and the perspectives of young people and students. Flexibility of approach is crucial for successful educational research in varied environments, and is on show throughout this book. Depending on context, authors used case study, quantitative and qualitative research, participatory action research, longitudinal studies and analysis of textbooks through critical discourse analysis to demonstrate how learning about global learning and sustainability can inspire learners and contribute to quality education.

Douglas Bourn is Professor of Development Education and Director of the Development Education Research Centre at University College London.

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General introduction
Douglas Bourn

Part I: Relationship of policy to practice

1 Grounding PISA: comparing view of the PISA global competence questionnaire across centre and periphery in Israel
Heela Goren

2 Ethnography and sustainable learning in Jamaica
Romina De Angelis

3 Bridging practice and policy through post-positivist realism: understanding primary school teachers’ agency for global citizenship education in South Korea
Kyoungwon Lee

Part II: Opportunities and constraints within different education systems and the role of teachers

4 Understanding global learning through the lens of global citizenship in Kazakhstan
Natalya Hanley

5 Global Learning as a pedagogical approach to develop the purpose and value of primary science education
Amy Strachan

6 Global learning enabling teacher voices in one Greek primary school: mixed methods including action research and interviews
Giannis Efthymiou

7 Framing the ‘other’: examining social studies textbooks in Pakistan using critical discourse analysis
Aamna Pasha

Part III: Global Citizenship, internationalisation and sustainable development in higher education

8 The value of multiple case studies in researching internationalisation of higher education
Monica Kraska Birbeck

9 Global citizenship education in higher education in Ghana: the added value of case study to global learning
Simon Eten Angyagre

10 Analysis of teacher education curriculum in Turkey regarding education for sustainable development
Nese Soysal

Part IV: Perspectives and voices of young people and students

11 A longitudinal study on Chinese international students' perception of global citizenship during studying in the UK
Xi Tao

12 Personalised and dynamic: life experiences tailor how young people engage locally and globally
Stephanie Mitsuko Kukita

13 Global citizenship and inequality: voices of Caribbean young people in London and Tobago
Yvette Allen

Conclusion: Research in global learning
Douglas Bourn


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ISBN: 9781800083080

Publication: November 08, 2023

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