On Making in the Digital Humanities

The scholarship of digital humanities development in honour of John Bradley

Edited by Julianne Nyhan, Geoffrey Rockwell, Stéfan Sinclair, and Alexandra Ortolja-Baird

ISBN: 9781800084209

Publication: March 13, 2023

What is this?

On Making in the Digital Humanities fills a gap in our understanding of digital humanities projects and craft by exploring the processes of making as much as the products that arise from it.

The volume draws focus to the interwoven layers of human and technological textures that constitute digital humanities scholarship. To do this, it assembles a group of well-known, experienced and emerging scholars in the digital humanities to reflect on various forms of making (we privilege here the creative and applied side of the digital humanities). The volume honours the work of John Bradley, as it is totemic of a practice of making that is deeply informed by critical perspectives. A special chapter also honours the profound contributions that this volume’s co-editor, Stéfan Sinclair, made to the creative, applied and intellectual praxis of making and the digital humanities. Stéfan Sinclair passed away on 6 August 2020.

The chapters gathered here are individually important, but together provide a very human view on what it is to do the digital humanities, in the past, present and future. This book will accordingly be of interest to researchers, teachers and students of the digital humanities; creative humanities, including maker spaces and culture; information studies; the history of computing and technology; and the history of science and the humanities.

Julianne Nyhan is Professor and Chair of Humanities Data Science and Methodology at the Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany and Professor of Digital Humanities at UCL, UK.

Geoffrey Rockwell is Professor of Philosophy and Digital Humanities at the University of Alberta, Canada.

Stéfan Sinclair was an Associate Professor in the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures at McGill University, Canada. He passed away in August 2020.

Alexandra Ortolja-Baird is Lecturer in Digital History and Culture at the University of Portsmouth, UK.

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Introduction: On making in the Digital Humanities - John Bradley and the scholarship of digital humanities development
Geoffrey Rockwell and Julianne Nyhan

1 Four corners of the big tent: A personal journey through the digital humanities John Bradley

Part I: Making Projects

2 Prosopography meets the digital: PBW and PASE
Charlotte Roueché, Averil Cameron and Janet L. Nelson

3 Braving the new world: REED at the digital crossroads
Sally-Beth MacLean

4 Sustainability and modelling at King’s Digital Lab: between tradition and innovation
Arianna Ciula and James Smithies

5 The People of Medieval Scotland database as history
Dauvit Broun and Joanna Tucker

Part II: People Making

6 The history of the ‘techie’ in the history of digital humanities
Julianne Nyhan

7 Imagining and designing digital humanities jobs
Julia Flanders

8 The Politics of Digital Repatriation and its Relationship to Rongowhakaata Cultural Data Sovereignty
Arapata Hakiwai, Karl Johnstone, Brinker Ferguson

Part III: Making Praxis

9Towards an operational approach to computational text analysis
Dino Buzzetti

10 From TACT to CATMA, or, a mindful approach to text annotation and analysis
Jan Christoph Meister

11 Pursuing a combinatorial habit of mind and machine
Willard McCarty

12 Historians, texts and factoids
Manfred Thaller

Part IV: In Memoriam

13 If Voyant then Spyral: Remembering Stéfan Sinclair: A discourse on practice in the digital humanities
Geoffrey Rockwell


Format: Open Access PDF

306 Pages

35 colour illustrations

Copyright: © 2023

ISBN: 9781800084209

Publication: March 13, 2023

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