Teaching Literacies in Diverse Contexts

Edited by Sinéad Harmey and Bobbie Kabuto

ISBN: 9781800080072

Publication: April 24, 2023

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Literacy education can take place in many locations and periods across the lifespan. Literacy educators require flexibility and a deep toolbox to meet their students’ diverse needs, regardless of whether they work in traditional school and college settings or in other environments with varied populations. Teaching Literacy in Diverse Contexts shows how practical experiences can be used in creative ways to support educator development for teaching literacy in a global context.

Mentorship between a developing literacy educator and an experienced teacher educator is central to the book, and to the practical experiences in training or professional development that it focuses on. Chapters share the creative solutions discovered during mentorship that supported developing literacy educators to teach with authenticity in a number of contexts, including the adult learning sector, a rural community in Africa and alongside parents of very sick children. The authors demonstrate how this can be done in a sensitive and culturally relevant manner by parents, volunteers and teachers with varying degrees of experience in both formal and informal spaces. Together, the chapters build a crucial resource for preparing a broad range of literacy educators to teach literacy in many contexts where policy on how best to teach reading and writing to diverse student bodies ebbs and flows.

Sinéad Harmey is an Associate Professor in Literacy Education at the IOE, UCL’s Faculty of Education and Society.

Bobbie Kabuto is Professor at Queens College, City University of New York, and Chairperson of the Department of Elementary and Early Childhood Education.

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Introduction: Towards diverse clinical practices within literacy professional preparation programmes
Sinéad Harmey and Bobbie Kabuto

Section I: Strategies for supporting literacy educators

Introduction to Section I

1 Culturally relevant, culturally sustaining, and antiracist practices through an embedded literacy methods course
 Eliza Braden, Michele Myers, Catherine Compton-Lilly

2 Supporting adult literacy learners: reviewing and reframing the place for phonics in the adult learning sector
Sinéad Harmey and Gemma Moss

3 Assessing phonological awareness in early childhood: scaffolding pre-service teachers’ play-based authentic assessments in field placements
Sara Michael-Luna and b Jody Silvester

4 Using video analysis to support the professional knowledge of literacy professionals
Sinéad Harmey and Bobbie Kabuto

5 Teacher dialogue in literacy continuing professional development: Developing reflective inquiry into practice
Helen Morris

Section II: Teaching literacies in diverse settings with diverse populations

Introduction to section II

6 On the other side of pedagogy: Teaching and learning with South African rural elementary teachers
Peggy Albers and Amy Seely Flint

7 Designing effective summer literacy learning programmes in Malta
Sue Bodman

8 A literacy coaching collaborative: Preparing community responsive coaches
Bobbie Kabuto, Christopher Wagner, Deepa S. Vasudevan

9 Literacy support for children with cancer: Parents as partners in a non-traditional learning environment
Sabina Bragg

10 Teaching-Free literacy: Working with teenagers and young adults
Tricia Millar, Stefanie Boyle, Laney Muir

Section III: supporting literacy educators from a distance

Introduction to section III

11 Practice-based learning through online teacher inquiry: Connecting literacy teachers in specialised and isolated locations
Christopher Wagner

12 ‘How in the world will we teach online? Re-envisioning literacy practicums for distance education
Kathleen Olmstead, Kathleen Colantonio-Yurko, Logan Rath

13 Virtual literacy coaching: moving beyond the traditional context
Celeste C. Bates and Meghan J. Malloy


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ISBN: 9781800080072

Publication: April 24, 2023

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