The benefits of publishing in Open: Environment

Open for anyone to submit to, UCL Press's Open: Environment is an interdisciplinary journal focusing on all aspects of environment related research – from life and earth sciences, as well as medical, physical, engineering, and social sciences. It aims to address the significant challenges facing the world today and those that will arise in the future.

Operating dually as an open access e-journal and offering immediate publication in a dedicated preprint server, with open peer review, the entire publishing process is accessible, transparent and accountable.

10 Good Reasons to Publish in UCL Open: Environment

  • Covers a broad spectrum of environment related research, including life and earth sciences, medical, physical, population, engineering, and social sciences – read more in the aims and scope.
  • Low Article-Processing Charges (APC) and free publication for UCL authors.
  • Faster publication process than established journals.
  • Grounded in the open science principles – open, transparent, and accountable.
  • Open to researchers from any academic institution or company to submit to – early, mid-career and established researchers are all encouraged to submit, review, and contribute.
  • Preprint server access to your paper immediately enhances discoverability and faster global collaboration.
  • Access to Open: Environment is free to anyone anywhere in the world, regardless of location or financial means.
  • Linked to your ORCID – articles are added automatically to your ORCID (see here if you need support on getting one)
  • Primary focus on inter- and multi-disciplinary research articles.
  • Radical and critical thinking applied to real world problems that benefit humanity will be showcased.

Find out more about Open: Environment and read our published articles

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