February 2023 open access books

Posted on February 28, 2023 by Alison Fox

The days are finally getting longer, and Spring is almost upon us. February has been a varied month at UCL Press, with 4 new open access books. 

We started the month with Kusha Anand's Teaching India–Pakistan Relations:  Exploring teachers' voices, which carefully explores the attitudes and decision-making of teachers in India and Pakistan when teaching India–Pakistan relations. Situating teachers in the context of reformed textbooks and curriculums that explicitly advocate critical thinking and social cohesion, it explores how far teachers have enacted these changes in their classrooms. Download it free.

The important Cancer and the Politics of CareInequalities and interventions in global perspective presents new thinking on how social, economic, race, gender and other structural inequalities intersect, compound and complicate health inequalities across 11 countries. It's the fourth book in the Embodying Inequalities: Perspectives from Medical Anthropology series. Download it free.

Next up was In the Face of Adversity: Translating Difference and Dissent, the newest title in the Literature and Translation series which explores translation as a project of making available and preserving a corpus of texts that would otherwise be in danger of becoming censored, misperceived or ignored. Download it free.

We ended the month with Architecture’s Model Environments, the latest volume in the innovative Design Research in Architecture series, which explores ten original model prototypes – of wind tunnels, water tables and filling boxes – to understand the many dialogues buildings have with their environmental surroundings. Download it free.

As always, happy reading, and stay safe!

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