October 2022 open access books

Posted on November 06, 2022 by Alison Fox

October was unseasonably mild (in the UK, at least), and we also marked International Open Access week. It was also busy month for new books- scroll down to read more on what we've published, and how to read it!

An instant classic, A History of Scientific Journals: Publishing at the Royal Society, 1665-2015 investigates more than 350 years of scientific journal publishing through the epic tale of the Philosophical Transactions, from its first publication to full digitisation in the modern era. Unrivalled insights from the Royal Society archives reveal a story of meaning and purpose in a changing scientific community. Read it free

The spooky Victorian Alchemy: Science, magic and ancient Egypt arrived just in time for Halloween. Examining literature and other cultural forms, Victoria Alchemy explores nineteenth-century conceptions of ancient Egypt as this extant civilisation was being ‘rediscovered’ in the modern world. Read it free

Next up, Heritage Dynamics: Understanding and adapting to change in diverse heritage contexts, which expertly deconstructs the dynamic nature of heritage by viewing it as a socio-cultural practice that goes through non-linear, continuous lifecycles. Read it free.

Village Housing: Constraints and opportunities in rural England explores the housing challenge faced by England’s amenity villages, rooted in post-war counter-urbanisation and a rising tide of investment demand for rural homes. It tracks solutions to date and considers what further actions might be taken to increase the equity of housing outcomes and thereby support rural economies and alternate rural futures. Read it free.

Taking English Planning Law Scholarship Seriously explores why planning law, which raises some of the most fundamental questions faced by legal scholars, has been relatively neglected by legal scholars. Read it free

The final book of the month, Creating Chinese Urbanism: Urban revolution and governance changes describes the landscape of urbanisation in China, revealing the profound impacts of marketisation on Chinese society and the consequential governance changes at the grassroots level. Read it free.

 As always: stay safe, and we'll be back to update you next month!

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