New open access books published in November and December

Posted on December 11, 2020 by Alison Fox

The grey, cold days of November and December brought us the early present of no fewer than 10 brand new open access books, covering everything from education and queer studies to cutting edge design and activism. 

Here's what we published: 

The Tenacity of the Couple-Norm
Intimate citizenship regimes in a changing Europe 
Sasha Roseneil, Isabel Crowhurst, Tone Hellesund, Ana Cristina Santos, and Mariya Stoilova
The Tenacity of the Couple-Norm explores the ongoing strength and insidious grip of couple-normativity across changing landscapes of law, policy and everyday life in four contrasting national contexts: the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Norway and Portugal. Featured in The Guardian, on Women's Hour, and on RTE2FM in Ireland. Download open access PDF

Heritage Conservation and Social Engagement
Edited by Renata F. Peters, Iris L. F. den Boer, Jessica S. Johnson, and Susanna Pancaldo
Heritage Conservation and Social Engagement explores different kinds of engagement, participation, access, and creative use of resources motivated by the practice of conservation, and offers ethical and practical perspectives from which to approach cultural heritage projects. Download open access PDF

Education books

Myanmar's Education Reforms
A pathway to social justice?
Marie Lall
Set within the context of Myanmar’s recent peace process and the wider reforms, this analysis of education policy and practice serves as a case study on how the country’s reforms have evolved. Drawing on over 15 years of field research, the book offers a cohesive inquiry into government and non-government education, and how the reform process has played out across schools, universities and wider society. Download open access PDF

Rethinking Class Size
The complex story of impact on teaching and learning
Peter Blatchford and Anthony Russell
In Rethinking Class Size, Peter Blatchford and Anthony Russell reveal the influence of class size on all relationships and interactions in the classroom. They develop a new social pedagogical model of how class size influences work, and identify policy conclusions and implications for teachers and schools. Download open access PDF.

You Can Help Your Country, Revised First Edition
English children's work during the Second World War
Berry Mayall and Virginia Morrow
Available in open access for the first timethis engaging book reveals the remarkable, hidden history of children as social agents who actively participated in a national effort during a period of crisis. Download open access PDF

Educational Resource Management, 2nd Edition
An international perspective 
Derek Glover and Rosalind Levačić
Educational Resource Management: An International Perspective is a succinct yet comprehensive guide to this key duty for school and college leaders across the globe. We are delighted to be able to offer it in open access for the first time. Download open access PDF

Built Environment Books

Repurposing the Green Belt in the 21st Century
Peter Bishop, Alona Martinez Perez, Rob Roggema, and Lesley Williams
Repurposing the Green Belt in the 21st Century examines the history of the green belt in the UK and argues that it is time to review the green belt as an instrument of urban planning and landscape design. Download open access PDF 

Expanding Fields of Architectural Discourse and Practice
Curated Works from the P.E.A.R. Journal
Edited by Matthew Butcher and Megan O'Shea
Expanding Fields of Architectural Discourse and Practice presents a selection of essays, architectural experiments and works that explore the diversity within the fields of contemporary architectural practice and discourse, and ask how architecture can and should exist outside its main practical purpose. Download open access PDF 

Critical Dialogues of Urban Governance, Development and Activism
London and Toronto
Edited by Susannah Bunce, Nicola Livingstone, Loren March, Susan Moore, and Alan Walks
Critical Dialogues of Urban Governance, Development and Activism examines changes in governance, property development, urban politics and community activism, in two key global cities: London and Toronto. Download open access PDF

Design for London 
Experiments in urban thinking
Edited by Peter Bishop and Lesley Williams 
Design for London critically examines Design for London, the unique experiment in urban planning, design and strategic thinking set up in 2006 by Mayor Ken Livingstone and his Architectural Advisor, Richard Rogers. Download open access PDF 

Happy reading! We hope that you have a peaceful festive season!

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